Eligius Pool Statistics

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Hashrate:1,957.20 Th/s Round Time:9301:45:22
Round Shares:3727039566848 Round Luck:11%

NOTICE: These stats are no longer being fully updated. Eligius-Ra is currently transitioning to Eligius-Hu. The pool is functioning normally and share submissions are being counted. These stats will be replaced within the next few days. See the Eligius thread on BitcoinTalk for details for now. Thank you for your patience!


Unpaid BalanceShares Rewarded
As of last block: 2.04821263 BTC91.95%
Estimated Change: +1.04235476 BTC+0.22%
Estimated Total: 3.09056739 BTC92.17%
Hashrate AverageWeighted Shares
12 hours151.34 Th/s1522245632
3 hours152.67 Th/s383897600
22.5 minutes150.65 Th/s47353856
256 seconds155.28 Th/s9255653
128 seconds155.83 Th/s4644099

Worker NameHashrateAccepted Weighted Shares
12 Hours12.69 Th/s127606784
3 Hours12.92 Th/s32481280
22.5 Minutes13.24 Th/s4161536
12 Hours12.20 Th/s122736640
3 Hours12.32 Th/s30969856
22.5 Minutes11.79 Th/s3706880
12 Hours12.77 Th/s128471040
3 Hours12.81 Th/s32206848
22.5 Minutes13.23 Th/s4157440
12 Hours12.94 Th/s130142208
3 Hours13.15 Th/s33062912
22.5 Minutes13.32 Th/s4186112
12 Hours12.76 Th/s128393216
3 Hours12.90 Th/s32428032
22.5 Minutes12.43 Th/s3907584
12 Hours12.65 Th/s127213568
3 Hours12.69 Th/s31911936
22.5 Minutes12.61 Th/s3964928
12 Hours12.48 Th/s125554688
3 Hours12.51 Th/s31465472
22.5 Minutes13.11 Th/s4120576
12 Hours12.63 Th/s127045632
3 Hours12.85 Th/s32321536
22.5 Minutes11.75 Th/s3694592
12 Hours12.27 Th/s123457536
3 Hours12.14 Th/s30535680
22.5 Minutes12.03 Th/s3780608
12 Hours12.74 Th/s128176128
3 Hours12.88 Th/s32395264
22.5 Minutes12.77 Th/s4014080
12 Hours12.59 Th/s126627840
3 Hours12.88 Th/s32382976
22.5 Minutes12.20 Th/s3833856
12 Hours12.61 Th/s126820352
3 Hours12.62 Th/s31735808
22.5 Minutes12.17 Th/s3825664
Note: There are 78 idle or no longer used workers that are not shown in the table:
default, MinePeon, Jupiter, Cointerra, Cointerra2, Cointerra1, Cointerra0, Cointerra3, Neptune0, Neptune1, Neptune2, Neptune3, Neptune4, SP310, SP311, SP312, SP353, Monarch0, Monarch1, SP305, SP304, SP306, Neptune5, Neptune6, SP303, SP356, Neptune7, SP317, AS5P0, AS5P1, AS70, AS71, AS72, AS74, AS75, AS73, A74, AS76, AS77, AS720, AS79, AS721, AS78, AS710, AS711, AS712, AS713, AS714, AS715, AS716, AS717, AS718, AS719, AS722, AS7, AS724, AS723, AS725, AS726, AS727, AS728, AS729, AS730, AS731, AS732, AS733, AS734, AS736, AS735, AS737, AS738, AS739, AS740, AS741, AS742, AS743, AS760, AS961.

Latest Payouts
Date (Type)Amount
2016-10-27 05:02:01 (S)1.55892904 BTC
2016-10-17 02:12:02 (S)1.65081535 BTC
2016-09-29 02:27:02 (S)4.86353313 BTC
2016-08-20 23:46:04 (G)0.51648466 BTC
2016-08-10 07:50:56 (G)1.48075712 BTC
2016-08-02 11:21:45 (G)1.39584385 BTC
2016-07-24 08:14:10 (G)0.67455515 BTC
2016-07-14 22:51:23 (G)0.65930768 BTC
2016-07-12 10:10:33 (G)0.60344887 BTC
2016-07-02 22:21:37 (G)0.81403895 BTC
All time total payout: 391.74662829 BTC

Estimated Position in Payout Queue
Approximately 0.00000000 BTC remaining to enter payout queue. Maintaining your 3 hour hashrate average, this will take at least another a few seconds at current network difficulty of 392,963,262,344.37.

Note: Your minimum payout was customized to 0.17000000 BTC under 'My Eligius'.

Estimated Earnings
Your approximate maximum potential earnings at the current network difficulty of 392,963,262,344.37 and maintaining your 3-hour average hash rate of 152.67 Th/s is 0.09769300 BTC per day.

(The data on this page is cached and updated periodically, generally about 30 seconds for the short-timeframe hashrate numbers, balances, and rejected shares data; and about 675 seconds for the graphs, longer-timeframe hashrate numbers, and other datas.


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