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Hashrate:1,957.20 Th/s Round Time:9301:43:45
Round Shares:3727039566848 Round Luck:11%

NOTICE: These stats are no longer being fully updated. Eligius-Ra is currently transitioning to Eligius-Hu. The pool is functioning normally and share submissions are being counted. These stats will be replaced within the next few days. See the Eligius thread on BitcoinTalk for details for now. Thank you for your patience!


Unpaid BalanceShares Rewarded
As of last block: 0.03883534 BTC75.29%
Estimated Change: +0.03410604 BTC+3.24%
Estimated Total: 0.07294138 BTC78.53%
Hashrate AverageWeighted Shares
12 hours4,750.70 Gh/s47783936
3 hours4,784.10 Gh/s12029952
22.5 minutes4,964.91 Gh/s1560576
256 seconds14.16 Th/s843879
128 seconds13.72 Th/s408746

Worker NameHashrateAccepted Weighted Shares
12 Hours4,750.70 Gh/s47783936
3 Hours4,784.10 Gh/s12029952
22.5 Minutes4,964.91 Gh/s1560576
Note: There are 224 idle or no longer used workers that are not shown in the table:
H2xRack44, H2xRack82, H2xRack84, H2xRack65, H2xRack40, H2xRack81, H2xRack50, H2xRack75, H2xRack83, H2xRack55, H2xRack34, H2xRack32, H2xRack46, CxRack12, CxRack14, CxRack25, CxRack24, CxRack22, H2xRack59, CxRack11, H2xRack31, CxRack23, H1xRack48, H2xRack70, CxRack13, H2xRack76, H2xRack64, H2xRack73, H2xRack63, H2xRack43, H2xRack71, H1xRack19, H2xRack66, H2xRack74, H2xRack41, H2xRack72, H1xRack57, H1xRack49, H2xRack61, H2xRack62, CxRack21, H2xRack33, H2xRack88, H2xRack87, H2xRack86, H2xRack68, H1xRack86, H1xRack88, H1xRack89, R2xRack31, R2xRack34, H2xRack58, H2xRack57, CxRack78, CxRack77, BxRack88, R1xRack13, R2xRack36, BxRack81, BxRack74, BxRack78, BxRack73, BxRack83, BxRack82, BxRack75, BxRack85, BxRack84, H1xRack17, H1xRack12, H1xRack11, H1xRack24, H1xRack28, H1xRack27, R1xRack23, R1xRack14, R1xRack22, H2xRack36, H2xRack35, H1xRack29, H2xRack49, H1xRack87, H1xRack25, H1xRack14, H2xRack85, H1xRack46, H1xRack18, H1xRack22, H2xRack45, H1xRack37, BxRack77, H1xRack39, H2xRack38, H2xRack47, H2xRack42, BxRack86, BxRack76, H2xRack48, BxRack87, H2xRack67, H1xRack21, H1xRack38, H1xRack26, H1xRack13, R1xRack21, H1xRack52, H1xRack54, H1xRack62, H1xRack68, R2xRack35, R2xRack37, R2xRack38, H1xRack36, H1xRack51, H1xRack69, H1xRack61, H1xRack53, H1xRack63, H1xRack23, H1xRack67, H1xRack64, H1xRack66, H1xRack73, H1xRack74, H1xRack76, H1xRack83, H1xRack75, R2xRack33, H2xRack77, H1xRack72, H1xRack85, H1xRack84, H2xRack21, H1xRack65, H1xRack78, H2xRack29, R2xRack32, R1xRack12, R1xRack24, H2xRack13, H2xRack23, H2xRack24, H2xRack26, H2xRack28, H2xRack17, H2xRack20, H2xRack19, H2xRack16, H2xRack27, H2xRack25, H2xRack10, H1xRack55, H1xRack82, H2xRack11, H2xRack22, H1xRack79, H2xRack12, H2xRack18, H1xRack77, H1xRack42, H1xRack41, H1xRack45, H1xRack43, H1xRack47, H1xRack44, H2xRack37, R1xRack11, H1xRack32, H1xRack58, H2xRack78, H1xRack59, H1xRack31, H1xRack35, H1xRack33, H1xRack34, H1xRack56, M1xRack126, M1xRack118, M1xRack115, M1xRack53, M1xRack63, M1xRack116, M1xRack117, M1xRack44, M1xRack43, M1xRack64, M1xRack54, M1xRack138, M1xRack127, M1xRack148, M1xRack128, M1xRack125, M1xRack147, M1xRack135, M1xRack136, M1xRack137, M1xRack145, M1xRack146, M1xRack108, M1xRack107, M1xRack96, M1xRack98, M1xRack97, M1xRack105, M1xRack106, M1xRack95, M1xRack87, H1xRow8, H2xRow8, H2xRow1, H2xRow2, H2xRow5, H2xRack51, M1xRack56, M1xRack66, M1xRack67, M1xRack58, M1xRack57, M1xRack68, H2xRack53, M1xRack88, M1xRack78, M1xRack77, H2xRack52, H2xRack54.

Latest Payouts
Date (Type)Amount
2016-10-03 14:24:32 (S)0.07551501 BTC
2016-08-09 22:02:00 (G)0.04529667 BTC
2016-07-24 08:14:10 (G)0.05750620 BTC
2016-06-17 06:07:39 (G)0.08643178 BTC
2016-06-02 02:32:53 (G)0.04599025 BTC
2016-05-12 11:15:56 (G)0.04367409 BTC
2016-05-10 06:47:01 (S)0.05993212 BTC
2016-04-24 11:27:41 (G)0.11624482 BTC
2016-03-29 02:38:58 (G)0.08754758 BTC
2016-03-09 05:21:30 (G)0.07723417 BTC
All time total payout: 0.69537269 BTC

Estimated Position in Payout Queue
Approximately 0.00000000 BTC remaining to enter payout queue. Maintaining your 3 hour hashrate average, this will take at least another a few seconds at current network difficulty of 392,963,262,344.37.

Estimated Earnings
Your approximate maximum potential earnings at the current network difficulty of 392,963,262,344.37 and maintaining your 3-hour average hash rate of 4,784.10 Gh/s is 0.00306134 BTC per day.

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