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Hashrate:1,957.20 Th/s Round Time:9318:05:37
Round Shares:3727039566848 Round Luck:11%

NOTICE: These stats are no longer being fully updated. Eligius-Ra is currently transitioning to Eligius-Hu. The pool is functioning normally and share submissions are being counted. These stats will be replaced within the next few days. See the Eligius thread on BitcoinTalk for details for now. Thank you for your patience!

Block #376704

Block hash:00000000000000000a48f0f0b0b0c3d8fed82a6d94e3bfe7f37ce9ec642cc37c
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Previous Block hash:000000000000000008ff83249b14754bcb65676c185401d58e6cbde932e11d48
Merkle root:7ae576dfc9c003d1cda334fe9fd1c9ce1e5f088076d6aae11f7b9bdd4af5a107
Difficulty Achieved:106903520924.8649 (180.17%)
Nonce: d0f252f
Time:2015-09-29 15:55:58
Size:324846 bytes
Coinbase transaction id:d0f8c57a63f2b8407f559b94b8bd3c5600e9d97433f141109d327a14ab070a39
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Addresses paid in coinbase tx:3

Payouts in Coinbase Transaction

Eligius CPPSRB Failsafe Notification
0.00000005 BTC
Eligius Payout Change Aggregation
24.99990000 BTC
Eligius Offline Wallet
0.13216571 BTC

Block transactions fees put towards share log: 0.13206576 BTC

Note: This block did not contain automated miner payouts due to a reward system failsafe trigger, and instead paid the pool's offline wallet for use in a standard payout later.
This is normal and happens occasionally when one or more variables cause the reward system to temporarily remove automatic payouts from the coinbase transaction being mined (slight delay making payouts stale, quick network blocks in succession, quick pool blocks in succession, etc).
Be assured that funds paid to the pool offline wallet will be used to pay miners manually soon after this block confirms.


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