Important: These are collectables. They will probably never mine enough to break even on cost.

Disclaimer: These devices are being sold by CanaryInTheMine. The Eligius mining pool is not responsible for fulfilment or refunds.

  tonal imperial si notes
Hashrate (guaranteed): 130 ᵇH/s   330 Mh/s  
Hashrate (typical): 1400 ᵇH/s   336 Mh/s  
Temperature: 8 Tp 125°F 51°C (too hot to touch without external cooling)
Power Usage: 0. effects 1.85 effects 2.5 W (500 mA, standard USB)
Dimensions: 29x68 1x2.4in 25x60mm (typical USB stick)
Price: 89 TBC   0.09 BTC (possibly too high to break even)
Shipping (USA): included   included
Technology: 1x 110nm Bitfountain chip
Interface: USB
System Requirements: BFGMiner 3.1.3+ (Linux, Mac, or Windows): On non-Linux, you must use the -S erupter:all option!
Drivers: From Silicon Labs
0.04 BTC