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Capped PPS

From Eligius

Note: Eligius does not currently use this reward method at all!


Basic Idea

Miners accumulate Pay-Per-Share as usual. However, if the pool funds run out, the oldest share(s) in current round are discarded entirely to make room for the new share(s). When there are remaining pool funds, they accumulate toward future rounds.

The purpose of this reward system is to focus on the current and future miners, rather than the past. This gives them the incentive to stick around, which may be necessary for the pool's survival.


Note: Eligius does not currently use this reward method at all!

CPPS with Backpay (CBBSB)

Note: Eligius does not currently use this reward method at all!

Instead of discarding shares entirely, their value is retained as "extra credit". When the pool has excess funds (ie, at the end of a short round), it is divided equally among pool extra credit before being retained for the future. Under no conditions are the shares from the current round (which have not been discarded) underpaid to make payments on extra credit.

CPPS with Equalized Backpay (CPPSEB)

Note: Eligius does not currently use this reward method at all!

CPPSEB works like CPPSB (above), except that extra credit is retained as a percentage per-share, and backpay is distributed accordingly. A share which has been paid 90% already (from past backpay) will not be paid any more until all the other backpay shares have also reached 90% reward value.

CPPS with Recent Backpay (CPPSRB)

See the dedicated page for Capped PPS with Recent Backpay for a better, less-convoluted description :)

CPPSRB works like CPPSB, except that shares are distributed in a last-in-first-out order.

CPPS with Backpay for Active Miners (CPPSBAM)

Note: Eligius does not currently use this reward method at all!

CPPSBAM works like CPPSEB above, with the exception that on a *per-block-basis* a miner can not be paid extra credit in excess of their PPS earnings for a particular block. This means that active miners and *only* active miners are able to be paid their extra credit/backpay.

Extra credit payments for inactive miners are not made at all. This simply makes more funds available to pay active miners for extra credit they've previously earned. If no extra credit is to be paid to active miners (ie, pool is lucky) then these funds get buffered.

Extra credit for inactive miners is not lost or forgotten as it can be "retrieved" if the miner resumes mining until it is paid. If the pool has a positive buffer these funds can be drawn from the buffer. If the pool is in extra credit mode then the resumed miner is simply treated normally for this mode (paying PPS per block and equalized extra credit up to their PPS earnings that block).

For example, lets say a miner earns 1 BTC in extra credit, then stops mining. The 1 BTC will *never* be paid to the miner *if* they *never* mine at the pool again. If they one day mine again, then for every share they earn in PPS payments they are also entitled to an equal amount in extra credit payments (if funds are available!) on a per block basis.

This gives miners incentive to remain loyal to the pool while helping to keep steady PPS payouts and letting active miners the benefit of slightly faster backpay payments due to others leaving the pool with unpaid extra credit.

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